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Before delving into the sports and football aspect of the country, and the St Vincent & Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF), let’s first learn a bit about the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as a country. St Vincent and the Grenadines is basically an island nation situated in the Lesser Antilles island arc inside the southern area of the Windward Islands. These islands are located at the eastern border’s southern end of the Caribbean Sea – the place where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea merge together. Many people also refer to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as simply St Vincent. The total area of the country is around 389 km², comprising of the main St Vincent Island and the Grenadines’ northern two third (a chain of tiny islands that are spread out towards south from the Grenada to St Vincent Island).

If looked at closely, a large majority of the St Vincent is a part of the hurricane belt. Barbados is situated on the east and St Lucia on the north of St Vincent. The country is pretty densely populated and has around 300 inhabitants in every square kilometer, with a total population of around 120,000 people. The capital of St Vincent and the Grenadines is Kingstown, which is also the main port of the country. Looking at its history, the country used to be a colony of Britain and France at different point of time is in the past. Now, it is an integral part of the Commonwealth of Nations, Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), CARICOM, Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.

St Vincent & the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) is the main governing body of the sport of football in the country (Please note, this is not the official website of St Vincent & Grenadines Football Federation or SVGFF). Founded in the year 1979 and having gained ascension into the FIFA in the year 1988, the sports body is currently based out of Kingstown, the capital of St Vincent and the Grenadines. The federation is also affiliated to CFU (Caribbean Football Union) and CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football). The federation oversees all important aspects of the sport of football in the St Vincent region, including the matters related to the St Vincent and the Grenadine’s national football team and the NLA Premier league. With a total of 12 teams featured in the Premier league, it is actually the top division of the federation in the St Vincent and was started in the year 2009 with the name NLA SVGFF Club Championship. Following is the list of football clubs that participate in this league:
- Prospect United Football Club
- Camdonia Chelsea Soccer Club
- Avenues United Football Club
- Fitz Hughes Predators
- System 3 Football Club
- Zodiac Football Club
- Digicel Jebelle Football Club
- Toni Store Jugglers Football Club
- Hope International Football Club
- Pastures United Football Club
- K&R Strikers
- JG & Sons Stingers Football Club

Ezra Hendrickson is a well-known footballer of St Vincent origin who used to be the captain of the St Vincent national team once and had played for several major league soccer clubs of the United States. Ezra is also the assistant coach at the Seattle Sounders Football Club.

Despite belonging to a nation of small multiple islands, the official football team of the St Vincent and the Grenadines has achieved plenty of recognition in the past and had finished second in the Caribbean cup held in the year 1995. It also reached the finals of the CONCACAF Gold cup in the year 1996. Ranked quite low in the world rankings, the national team keeps busy playing plenty of matches throughout the year.

Its first attempt at the FIFA World Cup qualification happened in the year 1994 and ever since that year it has participated in every World Cup qualification.

On the whole, St Vincent & the Grenadines Football Federation is a solid organization that has been working for the betterment and development of football sport in the St Vincent region for a long time now. Right from the initiatives at the grass root level to its Premier League, it has been doing all that it can to produce footballers par excellence that can deliver at the major platforms of the sport.